Meet Criss Angel

Criss Angel like risk your life make magic to show people what not exists limit to reality and illusion

Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos (born December 19, 1967 in East Meadow, New York), known as Criss Angel is a magician / illusionist, musician and actor. His best production was the TV series Criss Angel Mindfreak, aired on A & E Network, in which it was lead.
Criss Angel is the son of John and Dimitra Sarantakos born in Greece, has two brothers Costa and JD appearing in episodes of his programa.Uma their major influences is his father who died of stomach cancer in 1998.Criss Angel was married to Joanne but the relationship was never found because he did not want to lose their fans, but in 2007 they divorced after Criss allegedly been involved with Cameron Diaz still being married.
Currently, Criss Angel is the fourth season of his show, Mindfreak, which is filmed at the Luxor Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Criss Angel throughout his career has demonstrated great skills in their delusions that it is the new Houdini (greatest magician of all time) some consider even better than Houdini himself. That by the time of his tricks was considered the best juggler in the world. Because at that time, there was hardly any camera tricks imperceptible to the audience riveted.


* 1998 - Musical Conjurings from the World of Illusion
* 2000 - System 1 In The Trilogy
* 2000 - System 2 In The Trilogy
* 2000 - System 3 In The Trilogy
* 2002 - Mindfreak
* 2003 - Supernatural
* 2006 - Criss Angel Mindfreak